In the UK, homes receive enough solar energy throughout the year to meet all their heating needs.

The problem is storing it.

Ohomes was born out of a passion to find ways of storing summer’s heat for use in winter.

Using an innovative build method, the homes create an insulated bubble of warm earth around them. This soaks up heat in the summer, keeping the place pleasantly cool, and then releases it in winter.

The result is a very comfortable, self-heating home.

Comfortable living, without fossil fuels.
Ohomes elevations


While earth-sheltered homes are not uncommon, they are seldom described as beautiful.

Ohomes seeks to change that.

By careful orientation towards the sun, and intelligent architecture, we maximise the amount of natural light within the home. Despite being underground, Ohomes are more filled with light that than their above-ground counterparts.

Key to an Ohome is the ability to blend with the surrounding landscape.

We design our buildings in response to the local landscape and vegetation. We ensure the visual impact of our buildings is minimal. Indeed, from many angles, visitors may not even realise a house is there.


Build it

If building a beautiful, low-impact, self-heating house is of interest, then Ohomes is here to help.

Having gained years of experience in this novel field, we can provide guidance is many areas, including:

  • Planning Permission
  • Architectural Design services
  • Materials of construction advice
  • Build plans
  • Key industry contacts
  • and more…

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